The Family


Some may call us hippies, but really, we’re just your average family of four. Living in Toronto, Ontario, we work (Peter’s an engineer and Bronwyn’s a music teacher), go to school (Aurora’s in grade 1), and play with our favourite toys (Kipp’s is his red car).

We love life’s niceties: awesome food, fine company, travelling, running, cycling–and looking reasonably stylish while doing so–but, we find ourselves asking, “will our lifestyle cost the lives of others?”

Three years ago we gave up our car and planted a vegetable garden. We attempt to buy ingredients rather than ingredients lists (failing miserably at times), and when we need new stuff, we generally buy used.

But, we still buy stuff. And we still feel like we “need” it.

Aurora could always use another craft, Kipp, another wooden animal, and Peter a better lens for photography. I can find no end of things that “need replacing” around the house and my triathlete’s wardrobe is forever a couple of bike shorts short.

While our house, hobbies, jobs (and of course one another), bring us great satisfaction, would we be any less satisfied if we stopped buying the things we think we need? Truth is, I don’t know.

So, here begins our journey.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you will follow along and keep us accountable. Feel free to give feedback, ask questions, or share with us your personal challenges and aspirations.


-Bronwyn, The Fasting Consumer


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