Honey Hair

IMG_9128In order to remove an item from my “permitted to buy” list, I’ve been attempting to go shampoo-free–washing with only honey. Supposedly honey “doesn’t strip away the hair’s natural oils.”

Yeah, you’re telling me. This is day 13. (It feels worse than it looks.)

I’m still determined to find a home-made alternative to shampoo, but I think I might try something that contains … um … soap.

My “honey hair” is referred to in the post, Easy-peasy, decision’s breezy.


9 thoughts on “Honey Hair

  1. What about only washing your hair with soap or shampoo once a week? I’ve heard (but who knows if this is true) that not washing your hair can be very good for it. And if you have any shampoo left over from your pre-fast days, maybe you can make it last. Perhaps I should try this first and then let you know if I’m giving you a good idea or not 😉

  2. Don’t be a martyr! No one will hold it against you if you wash your hair with shampoo a couple of times a week. You’ll still be cutting down on the amount of shampoo you use and your hair won’t feel like an oil slick. Really, it’s okay!

    • Haha. Thanks, Colby! Not trying to be a martyr. I was only “hangin’-in there” because I know there’s a transition period where your hair is *supposed* to adjust. I wanted to be sure I gave it a fair shot, but, alas. There was no “adjusting.”

      So, yes, I have started washing my hair with shampoo again, but I’ve also started a soap exchange in my community to get others and myself making our own cleaning products! It should be fun! Hopefully I will find a DIY shampoo that works before I run out of the shampoo currently in my house, but if not, shampoo and conditioner are actually on my “allowed to buy list.” I was just hoping to be able to remove them, but not at the cost of being a martyr. 😉

  3. Just the thought of putting honey in my hair makes me squeamish – so sticky! I had a thought though, while in the shower yesterday…as I’ve had to cut back drastically, more due to financial reasons than consuming reasons – but why not look for a shampoo and conditioner that is local and hopefully less expensive. I was spending almost 40 dollars on each bottle (shampoo and conditioner) of BED HEAD – granted it lasted me a long time…I just can’t justify it anymore. Plus its so toxic! And skip the styling products etc.
    It feels to me like clean hair falls under a necessity. Don’t you think?
    Oh – and if you want to go that extra mile…you could wear a hat 😛 (I do that sometimes when I just don’t feel like washing my hair…ah, terrible, but true) Works in winter though, and hey – you’ve got winter!
    I love your challenge by the way. It is inspiring me to think twice before I buy.

    • Thanks, Katelyn! I actually do buy a “made in Canada” shampoo. It’s all natural and quite cheap. I love it! (And don’t use hair products anyway.) I’m still going to try for homemade, though, if nothing else to save the environmental damage of the production, delivery, and packaging … and ’cause I’m on a mission! 🙂

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