Elastics, Jars, and Beet Juice

It was two days into the challenge. My mother-in-law pulled a couple brown hair elastics from her pocket and said, “I think these are yours.” I was ecstatic.

I had left them at her house when visiting a few days earlier and had already noticed their disappearance. Hair elastics. Simple ones that come in a 50-pack for less than $2.

Previously, I may have thought it silly that my mother-in-law bothered to return the elastics. I wouldn’t have thought twice about them being re-purposed or even thrown-out. But now, as I wonder how many elastics I will be able to recover from the crannies of my bedside table before the year is up, I think differently.

Also on day two, I noticed that my black leggings were wearing thin. Soon, they will be see-through. And, it’s January. Ouch. What to do? Black leggings are essential to my wardrobe!

But I got an idea! For years, a perfectly good pair of grey leggings have served the bottom-layer-sentence in my drawer. (Their particular shade is a little unflattering.) Why did I buy them in the first place? Yeah, good question.

At any rate — beet juice! I can dye them with beet juice! Boiled beets are a favourite in my house, so I will have plenty of leftover water to transform these leggings into something awesome. They certainly won’t be black, but the more I wear my beet-y-burgundy-greyish-whatever leggings (photos to come), the longer the black ones will last for when I really need them.

Day three, I get a message from a stranger on Facebook asking if I still need mason jars. In the fall, I posted in a local group that I was looking for jars for preserving the last harvest from our garden. Come September, we will, again, need more.

This message from a random guy (responding to a random post I’d long since forgotten), reminded me of my need for community–now more than ever. It also reminded me that I better start collecting jars!

While the cost of jars from Canadian Tire, a pair of cheap-o leggings, and some dollar-store hair elastics may be minimal, what I stand to gain when I won’t buy them is far from it. I gain a new appreciation for what I already own, a desire to use all my belongings to their fullest (even the currently ugly ones), and the chance to connect with Jim (who would otherwise have thrown-out his mason jars).



6 thoughts on “Elastics, Jars, and Beet Juice

  1. This is really neat! I know I’m going to learn a lot just by following your journey! You’re off to a great start!

  2. It would be interesting to keep a log of the things that you would have bought, but didn’t. I bet the cost of elastics, leggings etc add up to a lot over the course of a year.

      • Actually, I take that back. I’m NOT going to keep a list, after all.

        See, part of my thinking is that the longer I go without something, the less I think I will “need” it. Come January, 2015, I don’t want to have some huge list reminding me of all the things I thought I needed. I’m hoping that most of them I’ll forget about, and in the end, I’ll only have a small mental list of things that actual “stuck.”

        It’s a process, though. We’ll see how it goes. Perhaps I will change my mind again for one reason or another. 😉

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